Hi! I'm Amy.

(And this is eat. seek. play.)


Food glorious food! Eating well doesn’t need to be a chore, nor does it need to be difficult to eat for optimum health. We all just need a little guidance and education in how to make the best choices and a few go-to tricks up our sleeves. Healthy food doesn’t have to be boring or tasteless – there is a wide world of flavour out there!


Be curious. Travel. Read. Listen. Nurture your relationships. Learn something new. Go somewhere you have never been before. Ask someone their story. Just constantly get out there and experience the world!


Life isn’t meant to be a constant struggle, everyday, to get through a stream of mundane activities and tasks. It is meant to be fun and enjoyed! When was the last time you played? Laughed until you whole body hurt? Went for a walk outside and actually looked at what was around you? Rolled around on the floor playing tug-o-war with your dog? Said screw it and just did something just for you because you felt like it? Play everyday and see how much sweeter everything becomes.

About Me

My name is Amy and I’m just a mid-twenties girl living in Melbourne, Australia, who is learning (and experimenting!) how to become the best possible version of myself and to free myself from the yoke of chronic pain. You can read my story here.

I believe life needs to be a balance of three elements: eat, seek and play. Life is hard without this balance! We need eat nourishing foods to give us the energy to seek new opportunities and experiences and to create memories from play.

Health Coaching

I am currently studying to become a Holistic Health Coach and want to inspire and help others to join me in a continuing journey towards optimum health.

I will be specialising in helping young people who are experiencing chronic pain. I have spent most of my life dealing with chronic pain and can understand the frustration, anger and despair it can cause. I will bring this experience and empathy to every coaching session.