What Injury Has Taught Me

My injury story:
Last year I began practicing yoga. I have always been intrigued by yoga and I finally just said “what the hell”, signed up for a beginners course and fell totally in love with it!  The trouble is I didn’t understand what yoga could do to my body. Sure, it made me stronger, leaner, helped my back pain and headaches, centred and grounded me, but it also caused me great agony. I am hyper-mobile, which basically means my joints are very fluid and can often move further than my muscles, tendons, and ligaments, making me prone to injury and pain. However, it can also make me look super capable and flexible on the mat – I could seemingly go further and deeper into postures that only way more experienced yogis could. It also fills me with a false sense of capability and even superiority – “look how far...
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What Is Chronic Pain?

red block ouch

A question I often get asked from people is: what is chronic pain? There is a lot of confusion about what is involved in chronic pain. Most people assume that if you have pain, you either take a pill (from your pharmacist or GP), and/or you go to a physio/chiro/osteo/other, and if you are particularly unlucky, you go under the surgeon's knife (ouch!).  Though, for many people, these treatments work wonders and they are up and about and back to normal after a few days or weeks, there is an unlucky number who just don't seem to fully recover OR (like me) there is no particularly discernible reason for their pain. First things first though. There are two basic classifications of pain: acute and chronic.  
Acute Pain
Practically everyone is very well acquainted with this type of pain. Acute pain...
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Operation: Heal My Body


If you have been reading my blog in the past couple of months, you will know that my body and I haven't been seeing eye-to-eye lately. In fact, we have been stuck in a bit of a cold war; "stuck" being the operative word. On 28th April, I woke up feeling not-quite-right. I had a raging headache for the previous three or so weeks, and that morning it was particularly bad. My neck seized up, I couldn't focus my eyes properly, and the pain continued and developed across my whole back and then into my limbs. I was in a full blown "flare up". I called in sick to work and set about my regular routine of trying to alleviate the pain so that it would hopefully get better within a...
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What to eat when you don’t want to eat

What to eat when you don't know what to eat

It's been almost three weeks since the beginning of my pain flare-up. I am battling not only with constant pain, but also with debilitating exhaustion. I am in a constant mind-fog which makes it really difficult to do any work and I find it difficult to look at screens (computer, phone, TV) for longer than about an hour. Although movement is important to my recovery, I have barely had the energy to go for a walk to the shops. Yesterday a 15 minute walk to run some errands led to stomach pains, dizziness and weakening fatigue!

During this time I also haven’t had much appetite during the day, which doesn’t really help when I am...

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Coping with pain “flare ups”

Ginger and Turmeric

Today is a bad "flare up" day for me. For suffers of chronic pain some days are better than others, but some days are downright unbearable. These days are known as "flare ups" and can occur for many reasons or no reason at all. For me, I think a four-week-long head and neck ache combined with not much exercise has culminated to today's flare up. I'll be honest, some flare ups are easier to manage. Usually this involves popping a couple of ibuprofen and soldiering on. But days like today are different. It took me 2 and half hours to get out of bed this morning. I emailed work after 90 minutes saying I would work from home today. I was so tired I couldn't get up, yet every sleeping position was painful after about 1-2...
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