Spinach And Ricotta Pie Recipe For Happy Ovaries

Spinach and ricotta pie

Last Saturday I made my way on a ridiculously GORGEOUS Melbourne winter's morning to the Melbourne Museum to Nat Kringoudis's Debunking Stress seminar*. I have a few "brain crushes" on people, meaning I kinda have the hots for their brains. Nat's brain is one I have a total teenage-girl-drawing-love-hearts-and-initials-on-my-notebook crush on. Her mission to spread the message of natural fertility, happy healthy hormones, and stress-less living is one I am totally on board with. Last year I went to her Debunking Ovulation seminar where I sat with about 40 other women in a room completely riveted by all this mysterious information being imparted to us about how our ovaries actually work; information that got lost after the sexual revolution of the 1960s; information that our grandmothers took completely for granted. I...
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Eat Mykonos

Smoothies at San Giorgios

Much of my life I have heard people rave about the food in Greece, however, the few times I found myself in a Greek restaurant in Australia I simply could not understand how this stodgy, deep fried, heavy and expensive food could possibly be what they are talking about. However, then I actually went to Greece and holy moly, "they" were right. The food is out of this world. It is so fresh, full of flavour, healthy and actually relatively simple. If you can get yourself past the gyros, saganaki and cheese pies, you will see that Greek cuisine is super healthy and mainly made up of lots of fresh salads, vegetables, fish and seafood, some cheese (feta) and yogurt (both plain and in tzatziki form), and lots fresh fruit, olives, olive oil...
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Banana Nut Breakfast Biscuits Recipe

brekkie bikkies

I saw this post by Slim Bliss Tea on Instagram this morning and, confident I could actually make this recipe without a trip to the market, promptly leapt out of bed and got to work! The recipe they provided had some ingredients that I didn't have in my pantry, but I came up with my version - which, I'll be honest, is pretty darn amazing. Though I am Australian, when I bit into these I couldn't help thinking this is what Thanksgiving tastes like for Americans, but with a smattering of my heritage (Scottish from long, long ago) with the oats, and a hint of ANZAC bikkies thrown in! Admittedly, these are a bit sweeter than my regular breakfast, but make a (still wholesome) treat for every now and then. That said, they were...
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8 Ways To Recover From An Attack Of The Sugar Monster!


Yesterday I went for a lovely stroll in the park with my honey. It was a gorgeous Melbourne winter afternoon with the pale yellow light filtering through the trees and the sounds of children playing in the playground. Bliss! For our walk back to the car, we went to grab a coffee to warm us up. Unfortunately we picked one of those cafes that has a $10 minimum on card payments (booooo!), so we added a muffin to our order to get us over the limit. So there we were, sitting in the park, sipping our lattes and being super indulgent by sharing this muffin. Now, I am all for a good muffin on occasion. I love those delicious chunky rich muffins with lots of nuts and fruit and spices, made with real butter, no sugar, and either wholemeal...
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How to make a healthy smoothie that actually tastes good


When I was growing up, banana smoothies were one of my favourite lunchtime treats that my mum would make me. The recipe was fail-safe: banana, vanilla ice-cream, milk and vanilla essence. However, I have since found out that sugar isn't very good for you (go figure!) and I also don't tolerate huge amounts of dairy, so my old faithful banana smoothie became a big no-no in the last few years. I first started hearing about "Green Smoothies" about 18 months ago and thought they sounded like the most disgusting creation the hippies could bestow upon this planet. Spinach, in a smoothie?! You've GOT to be kidding?? But then I read a few more blogs and articles and was promised that you can't even taste the greens and it was a great way to pack in more veggies into your...
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