Change your life with Life Changing Loaf

My New Roots Life Changing Loaf is definitely changing my life! Such a simple and easy recipe, it takes about 3 minutes to make and the rest is just waiting about for a while. Its simplicity makes it great for kids to make and looks and tastes so impressive, they will be simply chuffed with themselves! Oh, did I mention it is totally and wonderfully healthy? Gluten, egg, dairy and fuss free, though it may contain traces of nuts and seeds (har har har…)


When I first came across this beautiful “bread”, I was a tad intimidated. I didn’t read Sarah’s post properly (sorry Sarah!) and just assumed “bread = time consuming”. Recently, my friend from Conscious Habits reintroduced the idea, assuring me that not only was it life changingly delicious, but ludicrously easy to do. I was convinced. So I went and got myself some psyllium husks, marched into the kitchen, and prepared to have my life changed.
And it was.
Oh sweet sweet convenience and deliciousness, you are such a life changing combo.
My inaugural slice was spread with fig and walnut paste and marinated chèvre from my Red Hill day trip last weekend. Wow. Then went on to make the mistake of getting greedy and having two slices – it is soooo filling, one would have been more than enough!
A note for the scoffers: make sure you chew really well! Chewing your food is so important anyway, but  something that is essentially a handful of nuts and seeds needs some extra work. Your tummy will love you for helping it break down all those lovely nuts and seeds (you may get a stomach ache otherwise) and you will actually digest them properly to absorb all the wonderful, essential good fats, proteins and fibre they contain!
Needless to say, this loaf will become a staple in my kitchen!
Amy xx
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