Eat Mykonos

Smoothies at San Giorgios

Much of my life I have heard people rave about the food in Greece, however, the few times I found myself in a Greek restaurant in Australia I simply could not understand how this stodgy, deep fried, heavy and expensive food could possibly be what they are talking about. However, then I actually went to Greece and holy moly, "they" were right. The food is out of this world. It is so fresh, full of flavour, healthy and actually relatively simple. If you can get yourself past the gyros, saganaki and cheese pies, you will see that Greek cuisine is super healthy and mainly made up of lots of fresh salads, vegetables, fish and seafood, some cheese (feta) and yogurt (both plain and in tzatziki form), and lots fresh fruit, olives, olive oil...
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Remember That Night When You Were Sober?

A couple of days ago I was sitting in Doha International Airport for a six hour layover on my way home from Greece. Flipping mindlessly through Facebook, my eye was caught by this vlog post (see above) by Alice Nicholls, creator of one of my favourite blogs, The Whole Daily. It took me about an hour to watch the whole video as my wifi connection meant I had to stop, wait for buffering, start again, wait for wifi to reconnect, buffer, stop, start....but I was determined! I was immediately struck by Alice's authenticity and excitement and you can really see the emotions she was feeling both at the moment of her experience and in the rushed, unedited creation of her retelling. I wrote this post in "notes" on my phone as my computer was dead, so I couldn't upload this until now:  

Remember that...
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Destination: Paradise In Mykonos


I am now in my final days of my three week stay in Mykonos in the Greek Islands. I've lost count of how many friends and friends-of-friends have flitted on and off the island so far, but I think the count is now close to around 40-50! Hmm...there are just a few of us Melbournians invading this speck of paradise to escape to blustery southern winter down under. I first came to Mykonos (and Greece for that matter) last year for 12 days of a five-week Eurotrip that also included Italy, Croatia and the Czech Republic. We came here mainly to hang out with Jase's globetrotting DJ brother whom we rarely get to see due to his aforementioned globetrotting. He, his girlfriend and DJ partner seem to end up on this island every year (I know...tough life being...
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What’s In My Carry-On


A couple of weeks ago, I posted about my 13 Air Travel Rules. Since I am gearing up to board my flight to Greece tonight (tonight?! WOOP!), I thought I would share what I take on the plane with me to get me through the 24 hours of pressurised atmosphere, recycled air, dodgy food, cramp-inducing economy seats, and the generally crap environment that is a plane. Plane travel can be uncomfortable at the best of times, but for someone with chronic pain it can quickly turn into a torturous nightmare of not only being trapped inside your body but trapped in a tiny seat in a metal tube in the sky. It is therefore best to be prepared and, in fact, all my "essentials" are useful for everyone, not just those with chronic pain. The idea...
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What Is Chronic Pain?

red block ouch

A question I often get asked from people is: what is chronic pain? There is a lot of confusion about what is involved in chronic pain. Most people assume that if you have pain, you either take a pill (from your pharmacist or GP), and/or you go to a physio/chiro/osteo/other, and if you are particularly unlucky, you go under the surgeon's knife (ouch!).  Though, for many people, these treatments work wonders and they are up and about and back to normal after a few days or weeks, there is an unlucky number who just don't seem to fully recover OR (like me) there is no particularly discernible reason for their pain. First things first though. There are two basic classifications of pain: acute and chronic.  
Acute Pain
Practically everyone is very well acquainted with this type of pain. Acute pain...
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