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Mykonos was certainly full of fun play times this trip. Frolicking on the beaches, mucking around with the Go-Pros (if you are thinking of getting one, do it! best purchase ever!), reducing each other to tears of laughter at dinner, jumping off jetties, moseying about Paradise Club at night, cruising about in our trusty Jimneys…

This is the thing about travel. People can take it too seriously: they book an itinerary that sees them spending no more than a couple of nights in one place, the race around trying to see everything, chomp down food without knowing what it is (or insisting on ordering only what is familiar), before boarding a plane back home exhausted and unclear as to where they were at what time when that thing happened. They have their head in a map or behind a camera lens so much that they forget to actually experience what is going on around them and panic when they get lost (which, by the way, is when the magic happens!). In essence, they forget to play.

I think this style of travel comes from the panic of “I’m only going to come here once in my life therefore I have to cram it all in and make sure I see everything!!!” As someone who is lucky enough to have travelled extensively in my life, I have had the luxury of slowing down, taking it in, getting lost, going off the beaten track. But take it from someone like me – it is better to go to less places and truly experience them than many places and immediately forget them.

We went to Mykonos for twelve days last year at the end of a six-week Eurotrip. It didn’t feel like enough time so this year we went for almost three weeks. It was wonderful! We forgot we were merely visitors and practically felt local. Days started melding together as we got into a routine of waking up, cappuccino freddo, sun, sand, swim, food, sun, swim, food, sunset, food, drinks, bed/club.

Since I was still recovering from my extended stint with chronic pain and the exhaustion that came with it, I used this time away to rejuvenate my body and mind and focussed more on relaxing and taking care of myself than on partying or staying out late. With that in mind, I picked my nights out carefully and simply accepted I couldn’t join in with everyone else all the time, rather making sure they all told me detailed accounts of what happened over lunch or in the pool the next day :) I mainly went out when one or both my honey and his brother were DJing at Paradise Club because (of course!) I love seeing them do their thing and wouldn’t miss that for any amount of shut-eye!

I think it was the balance of play on our trip that really allowed me to properly recover. I was so relaxed, we ate great food, had a lot of laughs and generally mucked around. Being surrounded by mates on a Greek Island with an abundance of sunshine and salty water was the best cure for me. I have come home feeling stronger and healthier and with a lot more energy and though I still have a bit to go on my journey towards optimum health, I am so much closer than I was before we left for Greece.

Ta Mykonos :)


Amy xx

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