What’s In My Carry-On


A couple of weeks ago, I posted about my 13 Air Travel Rules. Since I am gearing up to board my flight to Greece tonight (tonight?! WOOP!), I thought I would share what I take on the plane with me to get me through the 24 hours of pressurised atmosphere, recycled air, dodgy food, cramp-inducing economy seats, and the generally crap environment that is a plane. Plane travel can be uncomfortable at the best of times, but for someone with chronic pain it can quickly turn into a torturous nightmare of not only being trapped inside your body but trapped in a tiny seat in a metal tube in the sky. It is therefore best to be prepared and, in fact, all my "essentials" are useful for everyone, not just those with chronic pain. The idea...
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My 13 Air Travel Rules


The countdown is officially on!! In less than three weeks I will be a few kilometres up in the air on my way to the sun, sea and sand of Mykonos! As always, when I get close to flying, I get jittery with excitement. Travel is by far my favourite thing to do in the entire world. In fact, it is one of the only things that encompasses all three tenets of this blog: eat, seek, AND play! I will write more about travel, Greece, and what to take on a plane later, but for now, I thought I would share my rules for plane travel. I have been travelling all my life - I was only a few weeks old when I went on my first plane and have been lucky enough to travel widely ever since. As...
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