Banana Nut Breakfast Biscuits Recipe

brekkie bikkies

I saw this post by Slim Bliss Tea on Instagram this morning and, confident I could actually make this recipe without a trip to the market, promptly leapt out of bed and got to work! The recipe they provided had some ingredients that I didn't have in my pantry, but I came up with my version - which, I'll be honest, is pretty darn amazing. Though I am Australian, when I bit into these I couldn't help thinking this is what Thanksgiving tastes like for Americans, but with a smattering of my heritage (Scottish from long, long ago) with the oats, and a hint of ANZAC bikkies thrown in! Admittedly, these are a bit sweeter than my regular breakfast, but make a (still wholesome) treat for every now and then. That said, they were...
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How to make a healthy smoothie that actually tastes good


When I was growing up, banana smoothies were one of my favourite lunchtime treats that my mum would make me. The recipe was fail-safe: banana, vanilla ice-cream, milk and vanilla essence. However, I have since found out that sugar isn't very good for you (go figure!) and I also don't tolerate huge amounts of dairy, so my old faithful banana smoothie became a big no-no in the last few years. I first started hearing about "Green Smoothies" about 18 months ago and thought they sounded like the most disgusting creation the hippies could bestow upon this planet. Spinach, in a smoothie?! You've GOT to be kidding?? But then I read a few more blogs and articles and was promised that you can't even taste the greens and it was a great way to pack in more veggies into your...
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What to eat when you don’t want to eat

What to eat when you don't know what to eat

It's been almost three weeks since the beginning of my pain flare-up. I am battling not only with constant pain, but also with debilitating exhaustion. I am in a constant mind-fog which makes it really difficult to do any work and I find it difficult to look at screens (computer, phone, TV) for longer than about an hour. Although movement is important to my recovery, I have barely had the energy to go for a walk to the shops. Yesterday a 15 minute walk to run some errands led to stomach pains, dizziness and weakening fatigue!

During this time I also haven’t had much appetite during the day, which doesn’t really help when I am...

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