Eat Mykonos

Smoothies at San Giorgios

Much of my life I have heard people rave about the food in Greece, however, the few times I found myself in a Greek restaurant in Australia I simply could not understand how this stodgy, deep fried, heavy and expensive food could possibly be what they are talking about. However, then I actually went to Greece and holy moly, "they" were right. The food is out of this world. It is so fresh, full of flavour, healthy and actually relatively simple. If you can get yourself past the gyros, saganaki and cheese pies, you will see that Greek cuisine is super healthy and mainly made up of lots of fresh salads, vegetables, fish and seafood, some cheese (feta) and yogurt (both plain and in tzatziki form), and lots fresh fruit, olives, olive oil...
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Sometimes, only coffee will do

Coffee used to be a major addiction for me. In my uni days it wasn't unusual for me to have 4 or 5 coffees a day to help me through the carb and sugar crashes (from eating, what I thought was, "healthy" food!), classes all day, and working in a restaurant at night.
Now, it is more like a treat. When I do treat myself, I only ever have great quality coffee (preferably from cafes who roast their own beans like my local Duke's) with quality full cream milk. Skinny milk not only effects the flavour of the coffee, but it is highly processed and often harder to digest than full cream.
Since quitting my daily coffee habit I have actually become quite sensitive to caffeine, so I have to pick my "treat time" carefully otherwise I look like someone who has just stumbled out of Revolver on a Monday...
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