What’s In My Carry-On


A couple of weeks ago, I posted about my 13 Air Travel Rules. Since I am gearing up to board my flight to Greece tonight (tonight?! WOOP!), I thought I would share what I take on the plane with me to get me through the 24 hours of pressurised atmosphere, recycled air, dodgy food, cramp-inducing economy seats, and the generally crap environment that is a plane. Plane travel can be uncomfortable at the best of times, but for someone with chronic pain it can quickly turn into a torturous nightmare of not only being trapped inside your body but trapped in a tiny seat in a metal tube in the sky. It is therefore best to be prepared and, in fact, all my "essentials" are useful for everyone, not just those with chronic pain. The idea...
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Change your life with Life Changing Loaf

My New Roots Life Changing Loaf is definitely changing my life! Such a simple and easy recipe, it takes about 3 minutes to make and the rest is just waiting about for a while. Its simplicity makes it great for kids to make and looks and tastes so impressive, they will be simply chuffed with themselves! Oh, did I mention it is totally and wonderfully healthy? Gluten, egg, dairy and fuss free, though it may contain traces of nuts and seeds (har har har...)
When I first came across this beautiful "bread", I was a tad intimidated. I didn't read Sarah's post properly (sorry Sarah!) and just assumed "bread = time consuming". Recently, my friend from Conscious Habits reintroduced the idea, assuring me that not only was it life changingly delicious, but ludicrously easy to do. I was convinced. So I went and got myself some psyllium...
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