Perception, Empathy, And Colour Blindness

  Considering I live with colourblind brothers, this topic comes up a LOT in our house and amongst our friends. It is at once a topic for banter, humour, and philosophy. Colourblindness is probably the best(?) disability to have since it doesn't really affect your day-to-day life unless of course you want to be an engineer, pilot, police officer or interior designer. Some people don't even realise they are colourblind and therefore live their lives blissfully unaware that they are wearing a navy suit jacket with black pants to work... As a child I often wondered what it would be like to experience the word through the eyes of another person. I never went so extreme as to wonder what it would be like to grow up in Africa or Italy (though I did fantasise about living in the nostalgic past of my novels). It...
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YOLO vs. Carpe Diem

Y.O.L.O: You Only Live Once. It seems to be the catch-cry of my generation, the mantra by which we can justify anything and everything. It absolves us of all responsibility to ourselves/others/society. It even has its own hashtag...
The essence of YOLO is living in the moment, grasping life by the balls and doing things you wouldn't normally do because, hey, you only live once! But since when did only living once become the excuse to just do really messed up stuff? Since when did we stop taking responsibility and living wholly and not just for the moment? Don't get me wrong. I am all for mindfulness and living in the moment, but come on people, you can't just YOLO away every reckless thing you do, especially when you do it all the time. That's no longer YOLO, that's habit! Read more