What the heck is a Neti Pot and how do I use it?


If I say the words "nasal irrigation", I know you would probably think something along the lines of "what on earth is nasal irrigation and why, for that matter, should I even consider doing it??" Firstly, I'll put it out there: neti pots are as weird as they sound. I first heard about them on Jess Ainscough's blog, The Wellness Warrior about a year ago, and though I was somewhat intrigued, I was nowhere near ready to accept that something as simple as pouring some salty water through your nose could produce better results than my trusty Codral cold-and-flu meds. However, the further I went down the road of wellness and healthy living, the more the concept didn't seem so "out there" after all. So last weekend, when my boyfriend was struck down by the dreaded man-cold, I...
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How to naturally fight a cold

photo At about 3am I woke sneezing. By the time I woke up this morning I was a glorious snot-fest with a sore throat and a rapidly developing attachment issues with my jumbo box of tissues... There can be only one explanation: I have caught my boyfriend's cold. Great. Just what I need right now after a 3 week pain flare-up! I tried punching the universe in the spleen for this turn of events, but it didn't even flinch... Apparently the universe is pretty large and probably doesn't care much about my cold. Hrmph!! The good news is I have PLENTY of chicken soup left in the fridge from the weekend. The bad news is, I expect I will be a snot-fest for the next couple of days, which...
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