Spinach And Ricotta Pie Recipe For Happy Ovaries

Spinach and ricotta pie

Last Saturday I made my way on a ridiculously GORGEOUS Melbourne winter's morning to the Melbourne Museum to Nat Kringoudis's Debunking Stress seminar*. I have a few "brain crushes" on people, meaning I kinda have the hots for their brains. Nat's brain is one I have a total teenage-girl-drawing-love-hearts-and-initials-on-my-notebook crush on. Her mission to spread the message of natural fertility, happy healthy hormones, and stress-less living is one I am totally on board with. Last year I went to her Debunking Ovulation seminar where I sat with about 40 other women in a room completely riveted by all this mysterious information being imparted to us about how our ovaries actually work; information that got lost after the sexual revolution of the 1960s; information that our grandmothers took completely for granted. I...
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8 Ways To Recover From An Attack Of The Sugar Monster!


Yesterday I went for a lovely stroll in the park with my honey. It was a gorgeous Melbourne winter afternoon with the pale yellow light filtering through the trees and the sounds of children playing in the playground. Bliss! For our walk back to the car, we went to grab a coffee to warm us up. Unfortunately we picked one of those cafes that has a $10 minimum on card payments (booooo!), so we added a muffin to our order to get us over the limit. So there we were, sitting in the park, sipping our lattes and being super indulgent by sharing this muffin. Now, I am all for a good muffin on occasion. I love those delicious chunky rich muffins with lots of nuts and fruit and spices, made with real butter, no sugar, and either wholemeal...
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What to eat when you don’t want to eat

What to eat when you don't know what to eat

It's been almost three weeks since the beginning of my pain flare-up. I am battling not only with constant pain, but also with debilitating exhaustion. I am in a constant mind-fog which makes it really difficult to do any work and I find it difficult to look at screens (computer, phone, TV) for longer than about an hour. Although movement is important to my recovery, I have barely had the energy to go for a walk to the shops. Yesterday a 15 minute walk to run some errands led to stomach pains, dizziness and weakening fatigue!

During this time I also haven’t had much appetite during the day, which doesn’t really help when I am...

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