Eat Mykonos

Smoothies at San Giorgios

Much of my life I have heard people rave about the food in Greece, however, the few times I found myself in a Greek restaurant in Australia I simply could not understand how this stodgy, deep fried, heavy and expensive food could possibly be what they are talking about. However, then I actually went to Greece and holy moly, "they" were right. The food is out of this world. It is so fresh, full of flavour, healthy and actually relatively simple. If you can get yourself past the gyros, saganaki and cheese pies, you will see that Greek cuisine is super healthy and mainly made up of lots of fresh salads, vegetables, fish and seafood, some cheese (feta) and yogurt (both plain and in tzatziki form), and lots fresh fruit, olives, olive oil...
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Banana Nut Breakfast Biscuits Recipe

brekkie bikkies

I saw this post by Slim Bliss Tea on Instagram this morning and, confident I could actually make this recipe without a trip to the market, promptly leapt out of bed and got to work! The recipe they provided had some ingredients that I didn't have in my pantry, but I came up with my version - which, I'll be honest, is pretty darn amazing. Though I am Australian, when I bit into these I couldn't help thinking this is what Thanksgiving tastes like for Americans, but with a smattering of my heritage (Scottish from long, long ago) with the oats, and a hint of ANZAC bikkies thrown in! Admittedly, these are a bit sweeter than my regular breakfast, but make a (still wholesome) treat for every now and then. That said, they were...
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How to naturally fight a cold

photo At about 3am I woke sneezing. By the time I woke up this morning I was a glorious snot-fest with a sore throat and a rapidly developing attachment issues with my jumbo box of tissues... There can be only one explanation: I have caught my boyfriend's cold. Great. Just what I need right now after a 3 week pain flare-up! I tried punching the universe in the spleen for this turn of events, but it didn't even flinch... Apparently the universe is pretty large and probably doesn't care much about my cold. Hrmph!! The good news is I have PLENTY of chicken soup left in the fridge from the weekend. The bad news is, I expect I will be a snot-fest for the next couple of days, which...
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