Remember That Night When You Were Sober?

A couple of days ago I was sitting in Doha International Airport for a six hour layover on my way home from Greece. Flipping mindlessly through Facebook, my eye was caught by this vlog post (see above) by Alice Nicholls, creator of one of my favourite blogs, The Whole Daily. It took me about an hour to watch the whole video as my wifi connection meant I had to stop, wait for buffering, start again, wait for wifi to reconnect, buffer, stop, start....but I was determined! I was immediately struck by Alice's authenticity and excitement and you can really see the emotions she was feeling both at the moment of her experience and in the rushed, unedited creation of her retelling. I wrote this post in "notes" on my phone as my computer was dead, so I couldn't upload this until now:  

Remember that...
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8 Ways To Recover From An Attack Of The Sugar Monster!


Yesterday I went for a lovely stroll in the park with my honey. It was a gorgeous Melbourne winter afternoon with the pale yellow light filtering through the trees and the sounds of children playing in the playground. Bliss! For our walk back to the car, we went to grab a coffee to warm us up. Unfortunately we picked one of those cafes that has a $10 minimum on card payments (booooo!), so we added a muffin to our order to get us over the limit. So there we were, sitting in the park, sipping our lattes and being super indulgent by sharing this muffin. Now, I am all for a good muffin on occasion. I love those delicious chunky rich muffins with lots of nuts and fruit and spices, made with real butter, no sugar, and either wholemeal...
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How to naturally fight a cold

photo At about 3am I woke sneezing. By the time I woke up this morning I was a glorious snot-fest with a sore throat and a rapidly developing attachment issues with my jumbo box of tissues... There can be only one explanation: I have caught my boyfriend's cold. Great. Just what I need right now after a 3 week pain flare-up! I tried punching the universe in the spleen for this turn of events, but it didn't even flinch... Apparently the universe is pretty large and probably doesn't care much about my cold. Hrmph!! The good news is I have PLENTY of chicken soup left in the fridge from the weekend. The bad news is, I expect I will be a snot-fest for the next couple of days, which...
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