What Injury Has Taught Me

My injury story:
Last year I began practicing yoga. I have always been intrigued by yoga and I finally just said “what the hell”, signed up for a beginners course and fell totally in love with it!  The trouble is I didn’t understand what yoga could do to my body. Sure, it made me stronger, leaner, helped my back pain and headaches, centred and grounded me, but it also caused me great agony. I am hyper-mobile, which basically means my joints are very fluid and can often move further than my muscles, tendons, and ligaments, making me prone to injury and pain. However, it can also make me look super capable and flexible on the mat – I could seemingly go further and deeper into postures that only way more experienced yogis could. It also fills me with a false sense of capability and even superiority – “look how far...
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Yoga: the game changer

This article in Daily Life by Brian Palmer discusses medical studies that have shown the benefits of yoga for a multitude of chronic diseases and conditions. You would think this is a win for the wellness community, but I find the article somewhat galling. For one thing, Palmer reduces the results of some 200 legitimate medical studies on the effects of yoga on health and wellbeing into one short (rather dismissive) statement saying, “Today, people want to believe that yoga will solve their problems.” Palmer likens the benefits of yoga to that of prayer (which is another topic entirely!), saying the evidence is shaky, basically, since yoga doesn't come in the form of a pill or a surgeon's knife. As far as I am aware, pills have killed more people than yoga and for me, the proof is in the...
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